How Wedding Tech Can Make Your Big Day Memorable | Confetti

8th Feb 2018
Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience that you will want to remember forever, so here are some wedding tech ideas to make it truly unforgettable.    Of course, it is conventional wedding… Read More

What to Do with Your Décor After Your Wedding? Recycle!

5th Jan 2018
A wedding is so much more than a gorgeous dress and a moving ceremony - though they certainly help make it special! So many brides and grooms spend a significant amount of time and money planning and perfecting every little detail. And after all that time spent on the… Read More

Married by the Fireside: Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

6th Dec 2017
Winter weddings are a wondrous thing. The festive season lends itself to romantic themes, with rich colour palettes, warm textures, glittering snow, and flickering candlelight. For unique winter wedding ideas, the internet offers a range… Read More

How Do You Clean a Wedding Dress to its Original Brilliance?

10th Nov 2017
Cleaning your wedding gown can be a stressful ordeal – knowing what the stain is, the material of your dress, what cleaning solution to use, and how to apply it can all make it seem… Read More

How do you ship a wedding dress

12th Oct 2017
How do you ship a wedding dress? If you’ve planned your perfect destination wedding, there’s no doubt you’ll want your dress to be perfect as well. Shipping your gown doesn’t have to be a hassle,… Read More

What We Do To Preserve Wedding Dresses & Why

12th Sep 2017
Wedding dresses are some of the most expensive, delicate, and treasured pieces of clothing you may ever own. Often, the cost of the dress alone is a testament to its quality, and once you wear… Read More


29th Aug 2017
Monday-Friday. Read More

8 Things You Need To Know About Our Service

15th Aug 2017
Entrusting a cleaner with your wedding dress doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Here at Confetti, we provide the very best in professional wedding dress cleaning and are dedicated to taking the utmost… Read More

5 Common Things Forgotten When Planning a Wedding

13th Jul 2017
You’ve planned everything for the big day. Your wedding To-Do list is all checked off. What a sight to behold, you’ve done it! But hang on, there’s more. Aside from the actual honeymoon, you haven’t… Read More

How Does Confetti’s Wedding Gown Preservation Service Work?

17th May 2017
Here at Confetti, we’ve been cleaning hundreds of dresses each year for over 20 years, giving us a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to wedding gown preservation. We are proud of the… Read More