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Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning is dedicated to the art of professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation. When it comes to your wedding gown, there are no better people to entrust it with. After all, we’re specialists in our field! Confetti is here to offer our knowledge and expertise in dry cleaning and preserving your wedding dress, to keep it safe and in pristine condition for years to come.

Your wedding dress has been with you throughout the whole wedding process, and it should last throughout your happy marriage too. So don’t take the risk of leaving your treasured dress with a non-specialist cleaner or investing in a DIY cleaning kit.


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We know how traumatic an accidental spill can be on the delicate material of your wedding gown. While many dry cleaners may have skills at their disposal to handle all sorts of garments, wedding dresses are unique in their intricate and delicate designs. What’s more, their mixture of materials requires expert care. At Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning, no dress is beyond our skills. When you send it to us, you’ll get it back looking good as new!

What’s more, we ensure a friendly, helpful atmosphere here at Confetti, as we calm your fears about that red wine blotch, chocolate smear, or grass on your hemline! Each dress we receive is given a specific cleaning procedure based on its unique materials, design, colour and, of course, with great consideration of what stains have made their mark. For long-term preservation, we can also pack your dress in a beautifully hand made box by The Empty Box Company to keep it safe from the elements.


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At Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning, our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality wedding dress dry cleaning and a convenient service from a friendly team. You’ll always feel that you and your dress are both in good hands here, because they certainly are!


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