5 Common Things Forgotten When Planning a Wedding

things forgotten when planning a wedding

You’ve planned everything for the big day. Your wedding To-Do list is all checked off. What a sight to behold, you’ve done it! But hang on, there’s more. Aside from the actual honeymoon, you haven’t given a single thought to your post-wedding plans, have you? Indeed, it’s far too easy to get swept up in the pre-event planning but it’s equally important to figure out the logistics of what needs to happen post-wedding. Luckily, we’re here to help with this gentle reminder of the 5 most common things forgotten when planning a wedding.

1. Post-wedding plans

Are you heading straight back to a hotel? Partying the whole night away with your wonderful family and friends? Or are you running straight off on your honeymoon? If it’s the latter, be sure you have all of your luggage packed and ready to go! Double and triple check you haven’t forget your travel documents too!

2. Your overnight bag

Most brides and grooms will spend their wedding night in a hotel room, so remember to pack all your essentials for the evening and morning after the big day! Common things overlooked include toothbrushes and socks! 

3. Clearing up

One thing easily forgotten when planning a wedding is the clear up. Have you checked if the venue includes cleaning and dismantling? You’ll need to make a plan for clearing the venue if it falls to you. Even if the venue is responsible for packing up, you’ll need to think about what to do with cards, the guest book, leftover cake and your gifts. If you’re heading straight on your honeymoon, make sure you arrange for family or friends to keep it all until you return.

4. Centrepieces and flowers

This is one thing many people don’t think about until the very end of the big day! Yes, you’ve probably spent hours choosing the perfect centrepiece for your tables and bouquets for bridesmaids but we’re talking about what you will you do with them all after. You can choose to give them away to your wedding guests, which is always a nice thank you treat. However, if you think about this in advance, you can arrange to donate flowers to local care homes, hospitals etc. Bear in mind that other non-perishable décor and accessories can often be resold online to recuperate a little of your costs.

5. The Dress

Last but certainly not least, one of the most common things forgotten when planning a wedding is wedding dress cleaning and preservation. You’ll need to send your beautiful gown straight to professional wedding dress cleaners as soon as possible if you want the best cleaning and preservation results possible! With Confetti, you can arrange for your dress to be collected, making the whole process completely hassle-free. If you are jet-setting off to your honeymoon right away, just make sure you’ve arranged to leave your gown in the hands of a trusted family member or friend until we arrive.

Don’t let your wedding end on a sour note! The stress should be over the moment you both declare, “I do”! So, make sure there are no little things forgotten when planning. A wedding can be both exciting and stressful, but taking that extra bit of time to cover all of your bases will mean that, when the day comes, you can enjoy every moment from start to finish!