Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning.

The art of wedding dress dry cleaning is our speciality, and we take our work on your gorgeous gown very seriously. We understand that when it comes to wedding dress cleaning, each gown is unique in its design, material, colour and shape, so each should be treated uniquely. Unlike regular dry cleaning, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ method when it comes to cleaning wedding gowns. But whatever your particular requirements, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make sure your gown is properly cared for.


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Whether your wedding dress is made of silk, delicate lace or is decorated with sequins, jewels and beads, we know exactly which process to use. We ensure we always use the safest, most effective but gentle treatment on your precious dress. Our expert knowledge means we are even able to clean dresses that are labelled “Do Not Dry Clean” or specify the dress should be cleaned only by a particular brand or trade mark. Even if your dress has no label at all, you can rest assured as we’ll know how exactly to handle it anyway.

Since every gown is different, we tailor our wedding dress cleaning service to each individual gown. When you fill in the online form, we’ll always ask you a few questions about the dress and ask that you point out any stains you’re aware of, even if they may have dried and are unseen now. This way, we’ll have the best idea for what your dress requires from us.

The process is easy enough. Simply fill out your order form on the site for size and service requested, then we’ll arrange for a courier to collect the dress. Once the wedding dress dry cleaning process is over, we also provide an optional preservation service for your gown. We’ll carefully package it in a beautiful, acid-free box, hand-made by The Empty Box Company, to keep it pristine and clean for years to come. You can find out more about bridal gown preservation here.