How Wedding Tech Can Make Your Big Day Memorable | Confetti

wedding tech

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience that you will want to remember forever, so here are some wedding tech ideas to make it truly unforgettable.   

Of course, it is conventional wedding tech practice to hire a professional photographer but how long do those photos take to get back to you? A Polaroid wall is a funky, aesthetically pleasing way of having immediate access to pictures of all your firsts as a married couple. A pinboard and 2 Polaroid cameras are all you need to create a display of instant memories. A selfie stick circulating among your guests also makes sure that everyone is included in the photos. But, if you really want to go all out, you could consider hiring a photo booth for some cute, prom-style pictures that will liven up your memories.

A snapchat filter is another easy, affordable way to effectively utilise social media and make everything about you (which it should be on your wedding day). This will encourage your guests to document their time, allowing you to go back through their stories the next day and experience moments you weren’t even present for! Don’t forget those all-important charging stations to ensure your guests can snap to their hearts’ content. You could nominate a few people (we suggest targeting the groomsmen) to share a Go-Pro between them, creating a hilariously specific montage of your special day, and allowing guests to deliver their well-wishes.

Speaking of a montage; the emotional power of a relationship montage, while a touch cheesy, should never be disregarded. Projecting your cute couple pics onto a wall in a slideshow fashion throughout the night can provide you with a little bit of respite from the festivities, while also reminding you of how much you love your significant other, even when they keep trying to steal food from your plate!

A lot of these tips on wedding tech are centred on making your memories almost instantly viewable, because the period after the big day can sometimes be a little blue. Perhaps get a friend to Instagram/Facebook live stream the ceremony? It’d be a great way to wake up in the morning; tired, maybe a bit hung over, and ready to experience the happiest day of your life all over again.

Finally, never ever underestimate the positive effects of fairy lights. Trust us. This is a vital piece of wedding tech that you should never scrimp on.