What to Do with Your Décor After Your Wedding? Recycle!

wedding recycle

A wedding is so much more than a gorgeous dress and a moving ceremony – though they certainly help make it special! So many brides and grooms spend a significant amount of time and money planning and perfecting every little detail. And after all that time spent on the little things, you might want to extend their use. After the wedding, recycle your décor, flowers and even your dress. That way, you can really make the most of it and let the memories live on for longer!

One of the first things to think about is your bouquet. If it’s made of real flowers, you’ll need to act quickly and make a decision post-wedding. You can recycle the bouquet by drying out the flower petals and leaves, and displaying them in a picture frame, putting them in a wedding scrapbook, or breaking them up to use as confetti at the next wedding you attend. You can even use them as potpourri, with other sweet-smelling things! Consider similar solutions for floral centrepieces, and bridesmaid bouquets. For any of the other décor at your wedding, recycle them by selling on eBay, donating to a charity, or even passing it down to a relative’s or friend’s up-and-coming wedding.

The biggest thing to think about recycling is, of course, the dress! If you’re not looking to keep your dress after the wedding, recycle it through donation, selling it, or keeping it to pass down to a family member or friend. Some have even got really creative, and designed new, more versatile dresses from the fabric, or transformed them into fancy tablecloths, pillow covers, or bedspreads! No matter what you do with it, though, make sure it’s good and clean first by taking it to the professionals who can make it look as good as new!

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