Married by the Fireside: Unique Winter Wedding Ideas

unique winter wedding ideas

Winter weddings are a wondrous thing. The festive season lends itself to romantic themes, with rich colour palettes, warm textures, glittering snow, and flickering candlelight. For unique winter wedding ideas, the internet offers a range of inspiration that can be overwhelming! So, to help out with your winter wedding, here are some things to keep in mind and possibly apply to your wedding’s theme.

  1. Keep warm! – But that doesn’t mean compromising a gorgeous gown with an unflattering parka. Think about subtlety, and remember: layers are your friend! You and your bridesmaids can wear tights under the dresses, lovely shawls over your shoulders, or cardigans to cover your arms. Long-sleeved dresses can be an elegant option, too, and don’t forget the sophisticated look of long gloves.
  2. Colours to keep out the chill – the holiday season is full of rich, deep colours that can lend a warm, festive options to your unique winter wedding ideas. Consider colours such as gold, burgundy, deep emerald green, or luxurious purples for your colour palette.
  3. Fabrics for the fireside – look at more wintery fabrics such as velvet, tweed, or wool for the men’s suits. Matching sashes for the bridesmaids can create a seamless look between the two, and provide the ladies with a bit more warmth as well!
  4. Get thematic with your theme – What better place to look for inspiration than nature for unique winter wedding ideas? You can add wintry elements to your bouquet such as olive or bay branches, spirea, ferns, primroses, and other winter flowers. On a grander scheme, think about adding candles to your reception tables, make use of natural wood and capitalise on the glittering beauty of snow with snowflake and icicle décor – Pinterest is a fantastic hub for wedding ideas if you are looking for inspiration!
  5. Photogenic photography – Bear in mind that the days are shorter and you won’t have as many hours of daylight to work with! So, opt to have your photos taken earlier if it’s an afternoon wedding, or schedule another day to take care of the professional photos so you won’t be caught in the dark!
  6. Let it Snow – The weather is as unpredictable as ever, so make sure to allow extra travel time to your wedding and reception!

Unique winter wedding ideas are plentiful, and choosing the right combination for your wedding is up to you. Luckily, there are so many resources to gather inspiration, so you won’t be wanting for ideas!