Planning a Spring Wedding

wedding ideas for spring

Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather and sunnier days. It’s associated with vivacity and vibrancy, so what better time is there to begin a new life with the person you love? There are so many wedding ideas for spring, and luckily they’re all so simple and easy to implement that you’ll be questioning why you ever considered getting married at any other time of year!

The first impression a guest will have of your wedding is the invite, so why not lean into the season and give them a little peek at what to expect? Floral patterns and the use of butterflies and birds are a clear sign of an elegant spring wedding, and you can even broaden the traditional minimalist wedding colour scheme to add a splash of colour; yellows, pinks and blues, in particular, are spring favourites that never go out of style.

A key wedding idea for spring is that of bold, statement accessories. For example, a vibrant bouquet of tulips of different colours will present you as the embodiment of spring as you walk down the aisle. Perhaps also consider the use of wildflowers in your bridesmaid’s bouquets as well as your own; nothing says spring wedding quite like the natural charm of wildflowers. In addition, it is understandable that brides want to wear white on their wedding day, but why not make a statement with a brightly coloured pair of shoes that can make an appearance every now and again as you move?

Now it’s time to discuss the outfits. When going through wedding ideas for spring, it’s easy to place a lot of the focus on decorations and flowers, but it’s also important to think about the basics of what you’re wearing. Get the groom and his groomsmen to experiment with lighter coloured tuxedos, rather than feeling as though they have to conform to the usual formal black attire; you’ll find that it’ll have an enormously positive impact on your wedding photos. And don’t be afraid of patterns! It’s understandable that wedding dresses are something which brides often don’t want to mess with, so make use of the bridesmaid dresses and experiment with florals and colour schemes that suit your vision.

A shorter wedding dress, one which grazes the ankles/mid-calf would look elegant and ethereal, as well as displaying the potentially colourful shoes mentioned earlier! Off-the-shoulder and strapless dresses are also a charming choice. It says that you’re hoping for warm weather on your wedding day which, in mid-spring, you may be lucky enough to enjoy! Avoid heavy fabrics such as silk and thick satin, instead opting for lightweight chiffon.

Finally, outside locations are a fantastic idea for a spring wedding. While April showers can be a bit of a worry, what’s life without a little risk? Decorated with flowers and fairy lights, a canopy in an airy outside space can be turned into a paradise (as well as a space for keeping your guests dry if you happen to be a little unlucky). There’s no time more magical or aesthetically pleasing than a fresh (and hopefully dry) spring day for the best day of your life.

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