Questions We Get Asked About Wedding Dress Cleaning and Boxing

Wedding Dress Cleaning And Boxing

Wedding dress cleaning and boxing is one of the most important tasks to focus on in the aftermath of your wedding. People are usually too fixated on choosing a dress and making sure it looks great on the day to think about what happens next; there’s a reason we have so many frequently asked questions on the topic. But ask yourself this: why spend all that time finding your perfect wedding dress just to allow it to fall into disarray once your big day is over? While they may not seem it, weddings are messy affairs – your dress will likely be stained and marked in places you don’t even realise until seeing them under the cruel light of day. In addition, you may find some pulls or tears in the fabric, especially if you have a long dress which has been trailing on the ground all day.

So, why is wedding dress cleaning and boxing so important?

Well, the longer your dress is left after the wedding day, the more difficult it will be to bring it back to its former splendour. The dress forms a big part of your day and it is an element you will likely want to treasure for years to come. For those wishing to preserve and pass their dress on, professional cleaning is of even greater significance.

This brings us to our next point; does wedding dress cleaning and boxing rid the dress of all stains? While we cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed, especially if they are left to set, we can assure you that we will do our very best to give you the best result possible. The standard of cleaning also depends on the type of material that has been damaged; different fabrics present different challenges. For example, silk is very delicate and therefore cannot withstand anything especially vigorous whereas other materials may respond better to a more intense cleaning process. That said, we very rarely turn a dress away, regardless of the material it’s made of or the challenge it poses. Whether they state “Dry Clean Only” or “Do Not Dry Clean”, we’re always up for the challenge!

Don’t forget the shoes

An additional aspect of wedding dress cleaning and preservation that people may overlook are the shoes. As with dresses, not all stains can be removed. However, shoes tend to take a harder hit than the dress itself does, especially if you choose to get married in an outdoor location. For this reason, any cleaning that can be done will be an improvement on some of the sticky situations shoes can get themselves into! You may not think you’ll wear those white, satin, 5-inch stilettos again, but it’s best not to neglect them – just in case! They still hold a symbolic importance which can’t be underestimated.

Wait time

We advise allowing two-three weeks for the cleaning process to take place and one additional week if any repairs are required. If you can’t face parting with your precious dress for that long and plan to wear it every day for the rest of your life then don’t worry; the time span is about the length of your average honeymoon. You can’t go to the beach in your wedding dress so you may as well let us take care of it until you’re back. You won’t be sorry that you did!

For more information on cleaning and preserving your wedding dress, click here. Alternatively, if you’ve got a question, feel free to get in touch.