Decorating Your Winter Wedding

winter wedding decoration ideas

A winter wedding theme offers just as many opportunities for personal touches as the warmer months. You may believe that the colder weather can limit your wedding vision, but often the opposite is true! Even if you are particularly sensitive to the cold, we still wouldn’t count a winter wedding out. Having slightly chilly toes is temporary, but the wedding pictures of you and your beloved surrounded by shimmering frost or an atmospheric dusting of snow will last forever. A winter wedding can be just as beautiful and memorable as one held in the height of summer.

Decoration & Lighting

In the months between September and January, the evenings are longer. So in terms of winter wedding decoration ideas, you need to make the lighting work to your advantage! Fairy lights are an obvious choice; they’re affordable and can cast a magical spell on the stormiest of winter nights. Threading them through hedges, bushes and trees outside your venue will also give the impression of Santa’s grotto.

You may also want to enhance the winter wonderland look by adding candles and tea lights wherever you can find a flat surface, ensuring, of course, that you take the proper precautions to prevent this from being a fire risk. Nothing will make your wedding hall seem cosier or more intimate than winter scented candles; some top picks would include cinnamon, spiced apple, and fresh pine. Candles could also line the walkways outside the venue, not only keeping your guests on the straight and narrow, but also giving a joyous inkling of what they can expect to find inside.

Colour Schemes

When deciding on your winter wedding themes, the colours can set the tone for the event. A popular colour scheme for winter weddings involves a lot of white and silver. Chair covers, tablecloths, napkins, and centrepieces in these colours can ensure that your wedding takes on the atmosphere of a winter paradise. However, with the addition of appropriate lighting, you and your partner will be far from the icy monarchs you may be envisioning.

Silver and white may sound cold and uninviting but with the addition of some warm lighting, it could be both spectacular and ethereal. On the other hand, you may wish to go for some of the deeper reds, browns, and greens which are also popular at this time of year, taking you more in the direction of a delightfully wintery cottage than and shimmering palace. Pine cones, the odd splash of tartan, and some golden lighting could really bring your wintery wedding to life. If there’s a fireplace available, light it up! Not only is this a practical idea on a chilly November evening, it will cast a lovely glow and make your guests smile.


When thinking about wintery novelties why not consider a hot-drinks stand? Nothing is more comforting or more satisfyingly wintery than a cup of hot chocolate (for both adults and kids) or a mug of mulled wine (maybe steer the kids away from that one). It will fill your reception hall with the delightful smells of a winter market. Plus, you could even incorporate this into your wedding favours by offering small mason jars of hot chocolate powder!

In summary, winter is one of the most naturally atmospheric seasons to get married in. With the addition of some carefully chosen decorations and lighting, there is no reason that your big day should be anything less than enchanting.