Choosing a Date for Your Wedding

Best month to have a wedding

The date of your wedding is usually one of the first solid decisions that you make. Almost every subsequent decision relies on it (except maybe the person you have chosen to marry!). Having an idea of your date and an opinion on the best month to have a wedding is incredibly useful when you start looking at venues and vendors. However, you are just as much at the mercy of the vendors as they are liable to you; if they’re highly sought-after, there’s a good chance possibility they may not be free on an exact date. When it comes to the venue, you should have an idea of the best month to have your wedding, but try and remain flexible on the date.

Important Dates

The second piece of advice when considering the best month to have a wedding would be to consider important dates for you and your fiancé. Couples often decide to get married on an anniversary, or perhaps on the date of a loved one’s passing. For some, this can seem like quite a sad premise for one of the happiest days of your life but for others it allows them to feel close to a loved one who should have been a key component of their big day. If this is the case, being flexible on the exact date isn’t an option. Therefore, you may need to be prepared to make compromises or at least be flexible elsewhere in the planning process (perhaps on the venue, the photographer, or any other vendors you’ve had your eye on).


For many, the best month to have a wedding is hugely dependent on the season. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Starting your planning process here is a good idea. Why waste months planning a Christmas wedding before remembering you feel the cold like no other? Or realising that you’re fiercely allergic to mosquito bites halfway through planning your outdoor summer extravaganza? Selecting the season that best suits you and your partner is a practical act, and one that narrows down the date considerably.

The Honeymoon

The idea of the season also relates to the importance of the honeymoon. Don’t allow too much time to elapse between getting married and going on your honeymoon, or else it will start to feel more like a normal holiday than a celebration of your marriage. With that in mind, think about your availability as a couple; if you are teachers then during the school holidays makes a lot of sense. If you’ve always wanted to go to Mexico then consider the fact that June to October is their rainy season. There are many factors involved in deciding on the best month to have a wedding, but once you’ve made the decision you’ll feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from your chest.


Finally, it’s a good idea to consult with your best friends and closest family members on the date before setting it in stone – just don’t open the discussion up to too many people. Before you know it, your wedding date will be postponed because your friend’s great auntie Bessie can’t make June 3rd and you’re too polite to tell her you don’t care if she’s there or not! It’s important to remember that there will never be a date that 100% of your guest list can make (hopefully they’ll send a really nice gift to make up for missing your big day). The point is, this is ultimately your decision and your day; don’t let anyone or anything dissuade you from the course of action you (and your fiancé) believe is best.