Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles

popular wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles can be a challenge. Hair is a fickle thing, and a style which seems great in theory may not suit your hair type. This is where it is important to really get to know your own hair before the big day; try out lots of different styles and products. Remember, hair spray will be your best friend; it will be a long day and you want to still look perfect after hours of dancing the night away! The most popular wedding hairstyles are generally the simplest, and to begin you need to ask your self the following questions: Up or down? Sleek or messy? It really is that simple. Once you have an answer to these, the number of styles to choose from is dramatically narrowed down.  Below is a list of 5 of the most popular hairstyles of the year (or any year, really, as each has an element of traditional, timeless beauty about it).

  1. Princess braids – no, we don’t mean the pigtails which were all the rage in primary school. We’re talking about elegant, twisting braids which give the impression of a Greek goddess. You can make this style as simple or a complex as you like, and it can fall into either the sleek or the messy category. You’ll need to find a stylist with nimble fingers but an immense positive is that once the braids are in, it takes some significant unravelling to alter the hairstyle. So, dance like nobody’s watching! Of course, it’s your wedding day so everyone will be watching you, but at least your hair will look great.
  2. Sleek, elegant buns – one of this year’s most popular wedding hairstyles involves twisting the hair into a tight coil at the nape of the neck, usually involving a middle parting. This style works best for those with straight hair, as you want the finishing touch to be something super sleek and tidy. Those with curly hair need not feel excluded; straighteners exist for a reason if you have your heart set on this style.
  3. Messy updos – while there are some styles that are more suited to straight hair than others, this is not one of them. Curly/wavy-haired ladies, this is your time to shine! Messy updos are versatile but like hair in general, they can be fickle. You want to toe the line between carefree and untidy. However, it is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles of the year due to the soft, elegant way it frames any face shape.
  4. Loose waves – if having your hair up isn’t for you, then why not consider loose waves? This is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles of the year and it’s so simple! This hairstyle tends to lend itself to brides who forego a veil as there is very little for the accessory to anchor to, but that is not to say that it’s impossible! Experiment and see what works for you. This style doesn’t have the structure of an updo so again, apply plenty of hairspray to keep those waves well-formed and bouncy throughout the day!
  5. Half-up half-down – have the best of both worlds with an elegant half-up-half-down do! This also opens up many possibilities for hair accessories, as you need something to secure half of the hair in place. The perfect chance to get creative!

Of course, the popularity of these wedding hairstyles will vary depending on the neckline of the dress and the season in which you are getting married but the basic message remains the same; choose something comfortable. If you think you’ll be worrying about it falling out throughout the day, then it isn’t the hairstyle for you. You will have enough to think about on your wedding day without your hair causing you problems too. Trust your instinct and get the hair spray ready!