What to Pack for Your Wedding Day

This guest post was written by Nathalie Martin.


From the moment of your proposal to the day of the wedding, one thing is for certain: as a bride, you will do a lot of planning in between. More planning than you ever imagined possible! From finding the perfect dress to arranging the table plans to avoid all family politics, every detail will have been considered, worried about and settled.

But, after all that planning, it’s easy to forget that your last unmarried night will be spent in a hotel room or venue that’s completely new to you. Follow this simple checklist to make sure you have everything you need to make the night before, the day of and the day after as stress-free as they should be.


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Make-Up and Essential Toiletries

As well as your standard shower and hair supplies, bring a full complement of make-up and brushes, including your best products. Even if you’re using a make-up artist, it’s possible they won’t achieve a look that you’re comfortable with and you’ll want to redo or at least touch up your make-up yourself.

Likewise, bring any hair straighteners, irons or curlers you need to keep your locks perfect. When you and your bridesmaids are all trying to do finishing touches together, you’ll be glad you brought the whole salon.

For the night before, bring a tried-and-tested hydrating face mask and your night cream. For the next morning, after what will likely have been a sleepless night, apply an eye mask that deals with dark circles. Do test it beforehand, so you know it’s kind to your skin!


Clothes and Accessories

Obviously, bring your wedding dress, veil and shoes – as well as something old, new, borrowed and blue. For the reception and evening, add a spare pair of comfortable shoes – and don’t think a second dress is just for Meghan Markle. If you’re trussed into a tight corset and heavy dress, lots of brides choose a simpler outfit for the evening while the men ditch their jackets and ties.

You’ll need plenty of jewellery for your wedding time: for any plans the night before, your actual wedding outfit jewellery, as well as anything casual for the next day. Leave nothing to chance and pack it all away in a jewellery roll so you’re not hunting for wandering earrings or necklaces on the big day. It’s also a great prop for your photographer (or friends!) to work with when they’re documenting your behind-the-scenes moments.

Finally, if you’re going to be outdoors at all, add some warm layers to your outfit with a shrug or cardigan and a back-up pair of tights.


Survival Kit

Last of all, the practical bits that will seem like a faff but can make all the difference for those little emergencies. For the sleepless night before, pack a book to banish boredom and a blindfold to create some extra darkness if you’re a light sleeper. It’s also a good idea to bring a stress-relieving scent to create a calm atmosphere to help you unwind and relax while you’re trying to count sheep.

For those last-minute snags, pack a sewing kit with thread matched to your key clothes, as well as safety pins. For yourself, bring some painkillers (at least for the morning-after hangover), plasters including padded blister plasters, as well something to settle your stomach if nerves get the better of you.

On the electronics front, remember all your chargers but also pack a mains extender lead so you can plug more things in wherever you want in the room.

And to make sure every plan runs smoothly, bring any other checklists you’ve prepared for the wedding day as well as the phone numbers of all your essential contacts on paper as well as on your phone – this includes the venue, your florist, outside caterers or entertainment, and key people from your families and the wedding party.

With all that done, you can relax and get ready to enjoy your dream day!


About the author: Having been married for over five years, Nat is still running her wedding blog entitled Help! I’m Getting Married. Aside from all things bridal, her interests include health and beauty, family, travel and hanging out with her cat.

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