Why invest in professional bridal dress cleaning and preservation?

When you have full on wedding-brain it can sometimes be easy to overlook certain things you’ll need to do after your wedding day. For instance, you’ve probably spent hours admiring your beautiful wedding dress in gleeful anticipation but haven’t given bridal dress cleaning a single thought. But sorting out what you’re going to do with your wedding dress after the big day is an essential part of wedding planning. With the average gown price hitting £1,385, it is likely one of the most expensive pieces of clothing you own. Furthermore, a wedding gown embodies so much value beyond its cost in sentimental terms. For these reasons, investing in professional bridal dress cleaning and preservation is a must.

Why does bridal dress cleaning and preservation need to be taken on by experts? Typical dry cleaners do not have the know-how for handling the delicate and often mixed materials of wedding gowns. Can you imagine the devastation of sending your gown off to be taken care of and it coming back in a worse condition? Investing in professional wedding dress cleaners helps you preserve not only the gown itself, but the memory too.

Your wedding is bound to be a day you’ll never forget, and to have your wedding dress looking as pristine as it was on the big day will enliven your treasured memories for a lifetime. But another consideration goes beyond your own memories – you may pass it onto a family member in the future, making new memories to treasure. This is a wonderful tradition and the generous gesture is both deeply meaningful and economical too.

What’s more, some women with an entrepreneurial spirit have also taken to renting their dress out, so that others can enjoy its elegance without making a massive purchase of their own. Others decide to sell their dress and therefore need it to remain in a spotless condition. Be it for your family member or for someone else, investing now in professional bridal dress cleaning will ensure your dress never shows its age and will look perfect for future brides.

When it comes to bridal dress cleaning, it’s best to get it sent off as quickly as you can after your wedding. The sooner stains are addressed, the better the cleaning results. After it has been professionally cared for and preserved, you’ll have the luxury of time to decide what to do with your gorgeous gown.