5 tips on your bridal gown storage before your big day!

The hard part is over, you’ve found The Dress. The months of pouring through bridal magazines and booking fitting appointments are over, and the excitement can begin! To avoid any nasty surprises on your big day, it’s important to keep your bridal gown stored properly to make sure it’s in tip-top condition! To help you do it right, here are our top tips for bridal gown storage!


  1.  Consider leaving it at the store you purchased it or with a professional bridal gown storage company.


Most bridal shops go above and beyond to accommodate the bride, so many won’t have a problem with keeping your dress until the big day. Their business relies on keeping their dresses in the best condition, so they really know best when it comes to bridal gown storage. However, if the store is quite small or the location isn’t ideal for you then you can also look for professional bridal gown storage companies. They will take care of your dress so you can await you big day stress-free!


  1. If you do take it home, handle your dress with great care.


If you do want to keep your dress at home, we don’t blame you! But it’s so crucial that you handle your dress with care at all costs. So only open it when necessary. Even if you just want a quick glance, make sure your hands are washed and avoid wearing any lotions or moisturisers that will transfer grease onto the dress. It goes without saying that fake tan is a big no no… Step away now.


  1. Keep it in a breathable wedding gown bag.


We know, it looks SO pretty. But trust us, you’ll be thankful you kept it in the bag. It’s important to use a proper dress bag, too. Normally, you’ll be provided with one when you buy your dress but if not, it’s a crucial purchase. Wedding gown bags are made of a special, breathable material to ensure moisture doesn’t get trapped – keeping it looking and smelling fresh! If you choose to hang your dress, make sure you use the hanging loops to prevent stretching. You may also choose to find somewhere to lay it down, instead, like on a spare bed where it will not get moved or disturbed by anyone.


  1. Steer clear of anything with stain potential


You can never be too cautious, just one little hiccup could cause a disaster. Whilst you probably can’t make everyone who comes near the gown wear a full biohazard suit, you can be ultra-careful around it. Keep food and drink away, along with pets and children. When it comes to the big day, make sure you double check that the florist has removed all the pollen buds from your bouquet. Popular flowers such as lilies can leave permanent marks if you aren’t careful.


  1. Basically, we’d encourage you to keep it in storage and wait until the last minute to put it on!

We know it’s really tempting to bring out your gown and show everyone that visits. And yes, it’s exciting to try it on again as the big day gets closer. But the safest way to keep it clean is to keep your bridal gown in storage right until you need it. Make sure your hair and make-up is done, you’ve eaten and organised everything before you put your dress on. This will minimise the risk of anything happening to your dress. It’ll be worth it, we promise.  


We want you to have the best wedding day, so we hope these simple tips on bridal gown storage will help you avoid any disasters!