What is the Best Month for a Winter Wedding?

So, you’ve decided on a winter wedding and it’s easy to see why with the increased availability of dates, the lack of humidity, and the gorgeous wintery photo opportunities. However, not all winter weddings are the same and they do vary month by month. So what is the best month for a winter wedding? We take a look at the options so that you can work out which is the best winter wedding month for you.



November definitely has more of an autumnal feel to it than the rest of the winter months. It’s also one of the cheapest months to get married, so that’s an advantage too! This is the perfect opportunity to make your wedding venue as cosy as possible, with warm lighting and fireworks, blanket baskets for your guests, and even a hot chocolate station!



Having a December wedding is an excellent idea for the Christmas-lovers out there. Although it could potentially be stressful to have your big day and Christmas within a few weeks of one another, it gives you the opportunity to make the wedding magical and truly embrace the festivities with your loved ones. 

It’s also a great way to get everyone together before the New Year starts. Your wedding will probably be one of the big events on everyone’s social calendars during the winter months and, well, everyone loves to celebrate.



When January comes around, everyone is feeling the post-Christmas blues, trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and just generally feeling quite bored after the Christmas period. What better way to get some excitement back than to have a January wedding? 

It gives everyone something to look forward to, it’s the perfect month for black tie events, and you can fill your wedding menu with a variety of delicious comfort foods. At this point, you are right in the middle of winter and bad weather is somewhat inevitable, so plan some indoor entertainment and be prepared to enjoy yourself whatever the weather.



As we get into February, we are moving closer to spring so the evenings will be a bit lighter and it won’t be quite as cold. However, we all know how unpredictable British weather is so make sure to plan for every eventuality. 

That said, with it being so close to spring you can really experiment with the colour scheme of your wedding, mixing traditional seasonal colours to find something that is perfect for you. As well as this, having your wedding in the same month as Valentine’s Day gives an extra romantic feel to your big day.


Those are just some of the benefits of having a wedding in each of the months throughout winter. It’s impossible to say which is universally the best month for a winter wedding as it really does depend on the wedding couple and what suits them best!


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