What We Do To Preserve Wedding Dresses & Why

what is preserving a wedding dress

Wedding dresses are some of the most expensive, delicate, and treasured pieces of clothing you may ever own. Often, the cost of the dress alone is a testament to its quality, and once you wear it and experience the beauty of your wedding ceremony, it becomes much more: a treasured memento of your celebration of love and happiness. So, what is preserving a wedding dress? It is more than the maintenance of its physical condition, but the memories of your wedding day, too. In order to keep the dress as flawless and pristine as it is in your memory, it is essential to invest in not only a professional cleaning service, but expert packing and preservation as well.

When you bring your dress to us, we give it the care it deserves. We start by removing stains and dirt from the fabric, then our expert seamstresses make any repairs that may be needed. Once the dress is back to its original condition, we delicately press and steam it, then wrap it in layers of acid-free tissue paper and package it in a handmade, acid-free, and breathable box that allows the dress to adjust to temperature changes.

The measures we take in our process of preserving a wedding dress are done to keep your dress as pristine as possible for years to come. Not investing in professional preservation can have long-term, damaging effects to your gown, including the oxidation of stains, both seen and unseen, that turn brown and become increasingly harder to remove with time. A yellowing and creasing of the fabric can occur too, as well as mildew and mould growth if the dress is packaged in such a way where moisture and changing temperatures can wreak their havoc. While plastic bags may seem like a good idea, they actually give off chemical fumes, the likes of which can irreversibly damage your gown. Our designated preservation boxes are acid- and chemical-free, so your dress is protected in a safe environment.

There are many reasons for preserving a gown, whether it is simply as a keepsake for your memories or you hope to one day pass it on to a sister, cousin, niece, or daughter. For any of these reasons, it is important to invest in professional preservation, because after all, what is preserving a wedding dress if not to have it done right? With our service, you can maintain the memories of its beauty on the day and its actual condition for years to come.