Tips for Long-Lasting Makeup on Your Special Day

wedding makeup tips

Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on her wedding day. It’s a day you will always remember, but also one that will be memorialised in countless photos for the rest of your life. Therefore, long-lasting wedding makeup is essential and should last as long as you do. Here are some key wedding makeup tips to make this possible!

First things first:

Don’t ever feel guilty for indulging in your beauty regime in the lead up to your wedding. When you wake up on your big day, you want to provide either yourself or the professional makeup artist with the best natural canvas possible, so take care of your skin! Make sure that you cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise your face at least once a day, and never underestimate the power of a facial. Overly oily or dry skin reduces the longevity of makeup, as it will either start to smear or flake, depending on which end of the spectrum you sit on.

The better the condition of your natural skin, the longer your makeup will stay looking its best. Additionally, rather than trying to counteract any perceived imperfections in photos by caking on thick foundation, consider using fine, translucent powders focused on your T-zone (forehead and nose). This will give your skin a matte effect and work well with the camera’s flash, while reducing the risk of foundation smearing or congealing.


In terms of wedding makeup tips for the eyes, waterproof mascara is essential. It’s an emotional day, what with the ceremony, the speeches, and the nature of the commitment you are making. You’re bound to let a few tears to escape at one point and when that happens, you don’t want to transform into a panda! False eyelashes are also an option for really opening up your eyes but consider using individual lashes. Not only do they look more natural, it’s less likely that they will shift or move throughout the day than if they’re just placed on top of the lash line in full sets, regardless of how adhesive the glue claims to be. Priming your skin and eyelids is also essential and it protects your skin for the days post-wedding, allowing for some beautiful honeymoon pictures!


Avoid making your lips too glossy, as it will probably only last around 5 minutes before smearing, and lipsticks that are too matte can leave your lips looking dry and cracked. Don’t go for anything too high maintenance; dark lipsticks will require consistent re-touching. However, if you’re particularly set on a dark lip colour, then lip-liner is non-negotiable, and you could look in to lip tints and stains rather than lipsticks – they’re more practical and give a fuller depth of colour.


Now, a culmination of wedding makeup tips would never be complete without some key technicalities. For example, try and keep your face makeup-free for as many days prior to the wedding as possible. Make sure your brushes are clean, too. Once again, this gives you an advantageous starting point for long-lasting makeup, while also ensuring that you aren’t smearing any unnecessary dirt or chemicals onto your skin. Dirty brushes can actually affect the application and functionality of your makeup by marring it with a foundation you wore months ago!

Finally, don’t apply your ‘face’ too early in the day. This wedding makeup tip is absolutely essential. Your big day is a mad blur of people, decisions, and stresses; don’t compromise the durability of your makeup by applying it first thing, only to sweat it off over a missing veil before you’ve even had a chance to walk down the aisle! Of course, leave enough time to make sure that you’re not feeling rushed! Just don’t make it your number one priority for the day – you’ll only be a hindrance to your own wedding shots!

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